HCK teaches you how to choose a suitable wine cabinet?
HCK teaches you how to choose a suitable wine cabinet?
Jan 23, 2021
HCK teaches you how to choose a suitable wine cabinet?

As people's living conditions get better and better, there will always be some red wine stored at home, but found that red wine storage conditions are very harsh. Storage of red wine needs to be in a constant temperature, constant humidity, light, shock-proof environment, and the home does not meet this condition, this time need to use the wine cabinet! In this environment, the HCK wine cabinet also needs to be born!

When buying a wine cabinet, we first need to understand how wine is stored. Storage of red wine should be placed in the constant temperature zone, constant temperature zone between 10-20 degrees, according to the type of red wine adjustment. Temperature if the temperature difference will lead to expansion and contraction of the Cork, leading to internal and external air circulation, so that the red wine lost due to oxidation taste.

Red Wine Transport is also very particular about, if there is no corresponding temperature measures, a few days of transport will change the taste of red wine. So a good wine cabinet is a must!

How to choose a good wine cabinet is also a growing number of people concerned about the issue. Today HCK shares how to choose a wine cabinet!

Wine cabinet is generally divided into electronic semiconductor liquor cabinet and compressor cabinet

1. General Household, if not for the storage of expensive wine for the ordinary wine lovers choose semiconductor electronic wine cabinet is enough, if it is a professional wine collectors, recommended compressor wine cabinet!

2. Long-term storage of wine, like cellar wine to upgrade the wine must choose the compressor wine cabinet. Short-term storage of wine, often finished a batch for a batch of selected semiconductor wine cabinet enough.

3. If peacetime wine is more than one kind of red wine, it is recommended to choose a number of thermostatic zone of the compressor wine cabinet. If usually drinks the alcoholic beverage basic same, the SEMICONDUCTOR LIQUOR CABINET IS ENOUGH!

4. Select the compressor wine cabinet, to pay attention to the quality of motor, motor operation vibration of the big words on the quality of wine will be greatly compromised.

5. The following functions of the wine cabinet are necessary to isolate ultraviolet rays, ventilation, temperature control, etc.

6. Compressor wine cabinet price is higher than semiconductor, usually drink wine is not expensive to choose semiconductor enough, specifically want to use to hide wine compressor wine cabinet

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