Small kitchen how to choose the right small refrigerator-HCK small refrigerator.
Small kitchen how to choose the right small refrigerator-HCK small refrigerator.
Jan 23, 2021
Small kitchen how to choose the right small refrigerator-HCK small refrigerator.

In the real estate prices inflate, people want to buy a comfortable house to become many people's extravagant hope, but the small housing has become more people's choice! But because the kitchen regardless of the size must be installed counters, cabinets, and other space-occupying furniture, so choose a suitable small refrigerator has become a problem cannot be ignored! Choosing a refrigerator not only needs to be economical but also needs to have enough space, so small refrigerator has become the choice of more and more people, then, how to choose a good small refrigerator?

1.Reserve refrigerator size in advance

The refrigerator places the position to have kitchen and sitting room commonly two kinds, if be to prepare to put in the kitchen, so when decorate the kitchen, must reserve freezer dimensions in advance. Usually, our habitual thinking is that when I finish decorating first and finally make a unified purchase of electrical appliances, I will consider how big the refrigerator can still fit in my kitchen. Currently, it is better to think in reverse, according to a family needs to use the refrigerator, look at the size of the refrigerator you want to buy exactly, and then according to the model of the refrigerator to design the kitchen refrigerator space is very good.

2. Choose energy efficient.

At present refrigerator energy consumption is divided into 1 to 5 grades, only to achieve 2 above energy consumption standards are energy-saving products. At present, the market is basically the first level and a small number of second-level energy efficiency standard refrigerators, in the energy efficiency standards have not yet been formally implemented, the first-level energy efficiency refrigerator will undoubtedly be more energy-saving, long-term use may be able to save a considerable amount of family expenses.

3. Refrigerating Mode

The refrigeration mode of refrigerator mainly has "direct-cooling”, "air-cooling" and "mixed" three kinds. The biggest difference between air-cooling and direct cooling is that there is no frost problem. The air-cooling need not worry about the frost problem of the refrigerator, it is convenient to use, but the freezing speed of the freezer is slower than that of the direct-cooling refrigerator. The direct refrigerator has the advantages of simple structure, low price, fast freezing and cooling speed, low power consumption, low noise, but slow cooling of the refrigerator, uneven temperature in the refrigerator, easy frosting of the evaporator in the freezer, and more trouble in defrosting. Of course, the air-cooled hybrid refrigerator, integrated the advantages of the first two refrigerators, cold room for the direct-cold, water loss of food is not easy, cold room for air-cooled, do not need regular defrosting. Which cooling method can be chosen according to the household demand. HCK's small refrigerator, you can meet the use of the case cannot take up a lot of area, so that your life more convenient, well-off!

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