The difference between beverage and refrigerator
The difference between beverage and refrigerator
Jan 23, 2021
The difference between an ice bar and a refrigerator

With the continuous improvement of people's quality of life, the requirements for clothing, food, shelter and transportation are also getting higher and higher, especially in the area of "food" , which requires eating fresh food. However, for many people, it is unrealistic to go shopping every day. Therefore, the beverage came into being at the historic moment, one of the more famous is the HCK beverage.

What'sa beverage?

The beverage is an original product of our country. It can also be called a concentrated refrigerator. It is generally designed to store wine, refrigerate, and freeze in an adjustable three-temperature zone. It can also be used as a refrigerator for storing drinks, fruits, etc. .

What's the difference between beverage and a refrigerator?

APPEARANCE: The appearance of the beverage is fashionable, simple and exquisite. It can be easily matched with various types of home styles, and it can also improve the taste of users to a certain extent. The appearance of the refrigerator is not as good as that of the refrigerator, and the appearance is a foam door, and the inside of the refrigerator can not be visually displayed, in terms of style, as the beverage.

VOLUME: From the volume point of view, the volume of the beverage is smaller than the refrigerator, and storage space is not as large as the refrigerator.

SCOPE: beverage can be placed in the home kitchen, living room, can also be placed in supermarkets, offices, restaurants and other places, and the refrigerator belongs to the kitchen electricity, are generally placed in the kitchen, some families will be placed in the living room.

HCK has retained the beverage fashion exquisite foundation, has added more young people to like the element to go in, has enhanced for the beverage more individuality choice.

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