HCK 2021 private meeting ends successfully!
Apr 24, 2021


On the evening of March 23, HCK's private meeting at Intercontinental Shanghai ended successfully! Dinner invited from all over the world, many industry leaders, business representatives, partners and so on have been present. The meeting hall is full of Stars and high-ranking friends. During the major industry lectures, to share vivid and wonderful brand case and the most practical operating experience of home appliances, at the same time with the guests for in-depth exchange and discussion.

The talk will focus on wine tasting and storage tips, appliances becoming fun friends, Nordic home trends, breaking the trend and creating the future, and HCK-How cool is that etc...It's too much information to miss.

1. Wine tasting and storage tips -- Marios Cassimatis

Flowers half open, wine slightly drunk. "Wine is a language, like learning a foreign language, " says Tigue, editor in chief of the wine section of food & Wine magazine, where veteran refrigeration expert Marios Cassimatis, tell us all about the wine tasting and storage tips. He told the audience the basic knowledge of wine making, tasting, storage and drinking, as well as on-the-spot tasting guide, so that we can truly experience the novelty and pleasure of wine.

Make household appliances a fun companion -- Foshan

Biff Kwong as a 1970's who was borned at Hong Kong, 30 years in the design industry, has worked for three International 4A, 50 + International Brand Services, listed company chief planning. In this talk, he explains the importance of social sharing to the consumer orientation of the User Group from the perspective of the market in terms of user segmentation, spatial segmentation and demand segmentation, explore how to use social topics to give home appliances "Fun Buddy" role, improve the quality of life of potential customer groups of happiness.

1. trends in Nordic home furnishings ——Niels Jensen

Senior wine cooler product expert Niels Jensen elaborated on the wine room and wine cellar in the current and indoor home design close contact.

With the Nordic style sweeping most of the design circle, the wine cooler, on the one hand, can set off the space and appear more fashionable and three-dimensional. On the other hand, the exquisite wine cabinet can be perfectly integrated into the decoration style, easily create a kind of atmosphere has a sense of class home environment.

1. The tide broke the circle and crossed the border into the future --Lion Li

Next, Lion Li, a senior brand marketer who specializes in global growth. He shares the importance of branding across borders. Cross-border marketing in the new environment, more new consumer brands through both internal and external repair, global traffic matrix and Ip joint cross-border and other ways continue to achieve self-breakthrough, accelerate the pace of development.

Emerging brands need to consider more global marketing, including on-site and off-site. And through listing many brands of cross-border co-operation cases to illustrate the importance of cross-border brands, and ultimately led to concern and consumption, brand value-added.

1.  HCKHOW COOL IS THAT?!——Sylvia Liu

HCK's CEO shared the origin, background, development, cultural core and current status of the brand. Because of the pursuit of technology and art, we specialize in refrigeration technology and travel in life fun, art, cross-border fashion, break the boundaries to meet all kinds of drinks for storage, taste, display needs. Over the past 50 years, HCK has broken through the boundaries of traditional refrigerators and freezers to create and lead new ways of life, cross-border marketing models, cross-border technology applications, private customization and Retro Culture Trends.

Although the issues are different, the content is all-encompassing, the dry goods are full, and the benefits are many.

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