HCK retro refrigerator, a product you will not be able to part with
Jan 23, 2021

HCK retro refrigerator, a product you will not be able to part with

HCK retro refrigerator originated in 1971 in northern Finland, in the 1970s has been designed a very unique 80 ° arc angle, this so-called "retro refrigerator" appliances have gradually become a representative of Nordic life! Such a high-looking retro refrigerator at home, quite stylish. In particular, the design of the home is now more in favor of Europe and the United States, and HCK home retro refrigerator together with the effect finishing touch for you!

HCK refrigerator design concept is also very "hard core. ". In addition to the refrigerator should have a refrigeration function, it also has a patented humidity control technology, which can keep the humidity in the refrigerator at 40-60% at all times, can Let us in the daily taste of food taste closer to the original taste, to ensure the quality of our lives. And in the classification of the refrigerator layer, HCK also has a professional layer structure design, can let you use in peacetime without size and shape restrictions, through the free placement and combination, 281 liters of storage space can be used more efficiently! More imported ABS tank, not the kind of ordinary refrigerator with plastic taste, you can directly contact with food, let you live more healthy and safe!

HCK is an INS style retro fridge that will not only enrich your home but also give you more choices in your life.

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