HCK unveils super trendy products and at the Strawberry Music Festival in Guangzhou
Dec 4, 2021

HCK unveils super trendy products and at the Strawberry Music Festival in Guangzhou

The Strawberry Music Festival came to an end on the 5th of December at the Music Plaza of Guangzhou CHIMELONG PARADISE. This music festival is popular and attracted many fans, and brands to promote it. Among those brands, HCK stood out as special because HCK is the only home appliance brand to participate in the Strawberry Music Festival.

The hand-painted refrigerator exhibited by HCK at the Strawberry Music Festival sparked a wave of attention and was popular with all involved.

Since its establishment in 1971, HCK has been specialized in developing refrigerator technology for 50 years, while fusing art and cross-border fashion. The Strawberry Music Festival is one of the most popular music festivals currently with the audience mostly young people with spending power. HCK's choice to cooperate with Strawberry Music Festival shows the unique marketing vision of HCK. This Strawberry Music Festival invited famous musicians such as Hackberry, Escape Plan, Wu Tiao Ren, Mosaic, NAND, Whale Wave, Chen Li, Trojan Horse, etc., thus attracting a lot of music fans. HCK took advantage of the popularity of the Strawberry Music Festival, and attracted many of the audience by using fashionable booths and interesting interactions.

At the scene, HCK set up a very eye-catching booth, A simple HCK logo with the blue HCK Huskies eye with at the top of the booth, making it more eye-catching. At the exhibition site, HCK designed a lot of interesting interactions like the interaction from Finnish limited edition Husky dolls, Finnish limited edition Husky ornaments, Husky blue eye flashing badges, Husky ears, and other exquisite gifts. The brand also generously organized lucky draws arousing enthusiasm from the audience, with the audience scanning the code on the spot to draw a lottery, they could get up to ¥3198 worth of refrigerator. At the same time, a new product, the Interstellar International Hand-painted Refrigerator was exhibited, which not only grasped the trend of Chinese trends, but also conformed to the aesthetics of the younger generation.

The introduction of the Star International Fashion Hand painted refrigerator is a good example of HCK’s aesthetic grasp of contemporary consumer groups. At present, Chinese consumers have begun to lean to the national tide of consumption, more will choose a Chinese style, Chinese brand products. The national tide is the unique presentation in the modern fashion landscape, its creativity originates from the excellent traditional culture, absorbs and merges the contemporary popularity with the young people’s affection. HCK used its ability to accurately capture consumer trends and is a testament to its depth of market research. HCK using its national trend and hand painted refrigerator is a perfect fit for this years strawberry festival. The festival brought together a group of outstanding original musicians and excellent original music works based on local culture, showing the perfect integration of Chinese local music and contemporary trends. This time, the hand-drawn shape of the intergalactic tide refrigerator reflects the collision of the Chinese tide and the world tide.

After the tide of hand-painted refrigerator was unveiled, it attracted a lot of viewers to come to check in, and many Internet celebrities came to take photos, which instantly became a highlight at the Strawberry Music Festival. The cool appearance of HCK at the Strawberry Music Festival this time makes everyone look forward to their performance at Design Week in the future!

Through the successful of the Strawberry Music Festival, enough to see HCK’s unique marketing approach, its eleven double category first results are not without reason. The offline and online marketing model of HCK is worth learning from similar brands. If home appliance brands want to truly enter the young people's market, they must grasp the preferences and trends of young people and make products that are of high quality and meet the aesthetics of the younger generation. In terms of marketing, if brands want to increase the scale of users and break through the traffic bottleneck, they must be bolder and can conduct cross-industry linkages to break the user circle. At the same time, you must be more precise about your audience, choose targeted marketing, and recommend products to people in need. If a brand wants to be invincible in the fierce market competition, it must control the product quality and grasp the marketing wave.

HCK performed very well at this Strawberry Music Festival, igniting the enthusiasm of the audience, and became a popular online celebrity check-in point, allowing more people to see the beauty of retro HCK refrigerator. Looking forward to this husky from Northern Europe, it will create more interesting marketing in the future and bring more fashionable and high-quality refrigerator to consumers.

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