Intelligent freezer market ushers in the era of intelligence 2.0 -- Pepsi Cola and HCK 's commercial  intelligence freezer are coming
Apr 27, 2022

From traditional retail to new retail, retail reform is not a new topic, but it has never been so urgent. Since the concept of new retail was put forward in 2016, major Internet manufacturers have made rapid progress all the way, dazzled by various technological applications and innovation attempts in the market. Under the "trial and error" all the way, the new retail has come to the era of 2.0, and the new retail reform is quietly changing the rules of the industry. The era of intelligence has changed people's consumption habits and promoted the reform of new retail. With the rapid development of China's commercial freezer industry, a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred schools of thought contend in the commercial freezer market. Driven by industrial digitization and consumption upgrading, intelligent commercial freezer has become a breakthrough in non-standard channels and an important terminal to occupy the consumer market.

01 In the new retail era, the intelligence of commercial freezers has become the general trend

Artificial intelligence is no longer a strange term for us. With the development of science and technology, artificial intelligence technology is constantly used in various industries and continues to develop. There is no doubt that the convenience brought by artificial intelligence is objective. Taking the retail industry that we most often contact in life as an example, the empowerment of AI has greatly changed the behavior mode of consumers and greatly improved the user experience.

In recent years, FMCG beverage giants at home and abroad have begun to tap the business opportunities of intelligent commercial freezers, and realize the digitization of retail terminals through the layout of intelligent freezers. This makes the intelligent commercial freezer enter the public view again, and declares that the intellectualization of commercial freezer is the general trend.

Facing the huge market gap of intelligent commercial freezers, HCK, as an enterprise taking the lead in integrating intelligent identification system and refrigeration equipment, promotes digital development with professional technology and contributes to scientific and technological empowerment. The solutions and business models provided in the field of intelligent freezers are typical representatives in the industry. It is understood that HCK has scientific and technological innovation achievements such as RFID, gravity, dynamic vision and other identification systems, intelligent remote control technology and so on. At present, HCK 's intelligent technology has been comprehensively upgraded and become a leader in the industry.

In the past, based on loopholes in management, refrigerators invested by enterprises at a huge cost not only failed to undertake the due sales tasks, but also failed to reasonably distribute hot-selling goods, resulting in a tight return on investment of refrigerators. Therefore, FMCG beverage giants at home and abroad generally cooperate with intelligent refrigerator manufacturers to jointly help improve the sales of FMCG beverages.

02 HCK intelligent commercial freezer has been well received by the public

It has become an industry consensus to solve the problem of FMCG beverage management through intelligent technology. In view of the low efficiency of traditional freezer management, Pepsi Cola and HCK jointly build AI intelligent commercial freezer. The intelligent equipment carried in the freezer can not only understand real-time information, but also provide enterprises with the most reliable consumer data through big data analysis in the cloud, through language recognition, image recognition, intelligent shortage reminder Store distribution rate and other functions to improve the implementation efficiency, decision-making speed and accuracy of beverage enterprises.

In the retail field, HCK commercial freezers turn products into visual data based on powerful identification technology to help brands analyze and formulate market strategies. At the beginning of this year, the intelligent commercial freezer cooperated by HCK and Pepsi Cola has been oriented to the public, upgraded the software and hardware equipment of the traditional freezer, and ended the long-term chaos of freezer management.

HCK has installed "eyes" and "brain" for commercial refrigerators to enable intelligent commercial refrigerators to activate the digitization and intellectualization of retail channels. Through AI Artificial Intelligence Identification and big data analysis of HCK commercial freezers, we can have real-time insight into market data and retail implementation, solve Pepsi Cola's long-standing dilemma of difficult control of retail terminal freezers, and enable Pepsi Cola to focus more on the product itself. In the digital process of AI intelligent commercial freezer, HCK commercial freezer will lead the new track of freezer launch.

In recent years, promoting the deep integration of the Internet, big data, artificial intelligence and the real economy has become a major trend. Big data and artificial intelligence have become the top keywords in the Internet industry. The intelligent industry has also injected new momentum and released new vitality into the development of traditional beverage FMCG brands. In the digital era, in recent years, all major brands are seeking innovation. Pepsi Cola, which accounts for 32.7% of the world's carbonated drinks, is also trying on the road of innovation. The AI intelligent freezer built in cooperation with HCK this time has activated the digitization and intellectualization of retail channels and provided a new level of insight dimension for the complex retail environment.

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