Shopping Guide for cosmetic refrigerators
Feb 25, 2021

Shopping Guide for cosmetic refrigerators

As global temperatures continue to rise, many young ladies are worried about their high-end skin care products in the summer, this time is the choice of the refrigerator to keep fresh, so that the temperature is too high, let the product went bad. And take out the cool facial mask from the refrigerator for a while, the instant drop in heat does not feel too cool. In addition, cool mask also has a soothing function oh. But are skincare products really fit in the fridge?

The skin care product puts the refrigerator, or needs to put according to the category. Products such as facial masks and water are kept in the refrigerator to keep them fresh. But lotions, creams, lipsticks, perfumes, and other products are not suitable. Because too low temperature will appear water oil separation, crystallization problems. Another thing to note is that if you put food and drink items in the same refrigerator, it will lead to mutual contamination of bacteria, making cosmetics more prone to deterioration. So how do you save your cosmetics on a hot summer day? HCK to meet the needs of ladies, special launch of the HCK cosmetics refrigerator!

What is a cosmetic refrigerator?

Cosmetic refrigerator is specially designed for storing cosmetics, its temperature can be maintained at about 10 degrees, suitable for all kinds of skin care products storage, increase the freshness of skin care products, to skin care products better effect and experience.

So, how to choose to buy the refrigerator for your cosmetics?

1. Volume, generally speaking, 4-5L, the daily use of skin care products is fully enough, if the skin care products slightly more, 10-15L is enough. If you are a lady who likes to stock up, 50L is a lot.

2. Temperature: If you use it solely as a skin care product insurance, then choose to buy 10-18 degrees of constant temperature refrigerator will be more appropriate. But if you have other functional needs, it is much more practical to buy a thermostat.

3. Noise, 38 DB or less is not too loud and does not affect sleep, although 28 DB is recommended if you are sensitive to sound.

4. Size, there is nothing to talk about, depending on where your dresser is or where it is more convenient.

5. Drying, UV and other functions, some of the natural is the best, because some refrigerators will have water problems, not conducive to preservation, with these two functions of the refrigerator will be better. Although cosmetics are self-preservation, but a good cosmetic refrigerator can better preserve cosmetics, after all, the choice of cosmetics are not cheap, every month spent on cosmetics is a large sum of money!

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